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NEXT10 2019 California Green Innovation Index

Statewide Climate Change & Green Innovation

Climate Change in the Los Angeles Region

Regional Climate Change

World Health Organization Fact Sheet on Air Pollution Guidelines

Air Pollution

California Air Resource Board 2018 Progress Report: California’s Sustainable Communities and Climate Protection Act

California Air Resources Board

CalFire Fire Hazard Severity Zones Maps

Wildfire Risk

Makido, Y., Hellman, D., & Shandas, V. (2019). Nature-Based Designs to Mitigate Urban Heat: The Efficacy of Green Infrastructure Treatments in Portland, Oregon. Atmosphere, 10(5), 282.

Urban Heat

Urban Heat Island Index for California

CalEPA Urban Heat Island Index

Jones, Christopher and Kammen, Daniel (2014). Spatial Distribution of U.S. Household Carbon Footprints Reveals Suburbanization Undermines Greenhouse Gas Benefits of Urban Population Density. Environmental Science & Technology 2014 48 (2), 895-902

Density & Emissions

Location Efficiency and Housing Type: Boiling it Down to BTUs

Transit-Oriented Development & Sustainability Outcomes

Why Creating and Preserving Affordable Homes Near Transit is a Highly Effective Climate Protection Strategy

Climate Protection Strategy

Cervero, R., & Sullivan, C. (2011). Green TODs: marrying transit-oriented development and green urbanism. International journal of sustainable development & world ecology, 18(3), 210-218.

Green TODs

Renne, J. L., & Ewing, R. (2013). Transit-oriented development: an examination of America’s transit precincts in 2000 & 2010. UNOTI Publications. Paper 17.

Transit-Oriented Development

CalEnviroScreen 3.0 (Pollution Burden)

Neighborhood Level Data

California Environmental Protection Agency

California EPA

The Housing + Transportation Affordability Index

Center for Neighborhood Technology Housing & Transportation Index

This document, the Claremont Sustainable City Plan, establishes a framework in which the Claremont community can achieve its vision of becoming a sustainable city.

Claremont Sustainable City Plan

Citizen’s Guide to LEED-ND


Smart Growth America empowers communities through technical assistance, advocacy and thought leadership to create livable places, healthy people, and shared prosperity. 

Smart Growth

CNU's mission is to champion walkable urbanism. We provide resources, education, and technical assistance to create socially just, economically robust, environmentally resilient, and people centered places.

Congress for New Urbanism

Managing growth, reducing traffic, creating sustainable development, and making smart transportation investments.

Congress for New Urbanism: Sustainability

The trend toward complete communities shapes the debate on sustainability and environmentalism, and vice-versa.

Congress for New Urbanism: Sustainable Urbanism