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Welcome to Claremont South Village

Welcome to Claremont’s next great neighborhood, a walkable and rollable, low-carbon district that brings the amenities and vibrancy of the Village to South Claremont. The vibrant and sustainable South Village neighborhood will enliven the famed Claremont Village. with housing, retail, office, and public space.

Retail will include independent and authentic retail, Claremont’s first gourmet public market and roof-top restaurant. Upper floor office will offer creative office and work share for local entrepreneurs. The neighborhood will feature an interconnected network of walkable streets and paseos, and a new public plaza.


The approximately 12-acre South Village is currently the site of industrial manufacturing and a decades-long vacant car dealership, located within the VillageSouth Specific Plan Area, a City-led Transit Oriented Development (TOD) initiative. The development team is a partnership of Village Partners and Arteco Partners, both of whom specialize in mixed-use pedestrian districts.

South Village offers a healthier, amenity-rich, lifestyle that is less dependent on cars and more focused on building an inclusive and engaged 24-7 community complementary to the adjacent campus of Keck Graduate Institute (KGI).


South Village is poised to become the new gateway to the Village, the area’s most successful and vibrant destination restaurant and boutique retail downtown. Located on Indian Hill Boulevard just 1 mile north of the 10 freeway, South Village is on the doorstep of Keck Graduate Institute, a few minutes walk to Metrolink and future Gold Line stations, and the Claremont Colleges campus.

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